Goals, Outcomes and Dreams!

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If we do not pick out goals or outcomes for ourselves, we are just living a life that other people are leading us through and picking them out for us. Have you picked out your New Year goals? Have you written out the path for yourself on how you will accomplish them? You are the only one that can do this for yourself. The longer you wait the further away you are getting from what you want in life. My one neighbor always says to me when I ask how he is doing..he says.. “No complaints, because no one is listening” and there is some truth to that…we can all complain but who really likes listening to it.

What if you decided to talk about the goals that you are wanting to accomplish or have accomplished and what is going well…that is a much better conversation don’t you think?


So what if 5 or 10 years went by and you were still at the same job, same pay, living in the same place you wanted to get out of, driving the same car you need to get rid of and complaining about the same things? This happens to a lot of people BUT it does not have to be that way. Every moment of everyday life is precious, and doing nothing but complaining or seeing the world from being a victim or being angry about the shortcomings you received growing up (Having that, life is not fair, attitude), or judging yourself and others so much that you are in an unuseful emotion all the time. If you allow yourself to stay there you are not living the life you are meant to lead.

You are the one keeping yourself there, no one else, just you. Every human has difficult life circumstances, and we all have a choice to stay there or find the way out. Sometimes it might take longer or shorter but isn’t it better to take the time to find the way out through curiosity and flexibility then stay and be angry. Or let YEARS go by and nothing changed.


What if the next time something goes sideways for you, you remind yourself of the below…..

  • It is just for now and not forever (You are here for just a second, then move to the below)
  • What can you do right now to change your emotional state? Take action and do it. (Move your body, listen to music, watch something funny)
  • What can you fantasize through curiosity and flexibility to look at the situation in a different way? Then take action to change what needs to change
  • Create the pathway of change, give yourself flexibility around it and lots of options, so you have choice.
    .Be fun and playful. What is your version of being fun and playful?
  • If you are in your head about it, you are not doing…start doing!!!!