Align your Energy with your Goals

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What if your own personal goals, outcomes and dreams aligned with the correct mood or energy needed to achieve them?  All of us as humans have many goals, whether it be fitness, health, work, financial, relationship or other.  If the mood a human had aligned with the goal it would make it easier to get to that goal.  Stating the obvious yes, but getting this alignment can be a harder task for many.


What if you remembered a time when you were in that useful mood of alignment to goal?  We all have the ability to change our state of mind, that changes our mood to get to goals, outcomes and dreams.  For example, if you want to have better relationships but lack the confidence.  Think of a time when you were confident, step into this mood, memory and feeling of confidence.  Every moment of everyday we are in an emotional state (Mood).  Why not pick it?

For some this may seem like a hard task but if you add enough repetition to it, it will just be.  Stepping out of judgment, self doubt and frustration, Choose to step into a useful state.  And practice or rehearse it over and over and over.  Then it just is.


What mood or energy could you be in more of? (Example: Relaxation, Confidence, health, freedom)

How have you experienced this in your past? How did it feel for you?

What goal will you achieve with this mood?  

How many times do you have to practice or rehearse until it is easy to jump into when needed? (We all have a number of times, for some it might be 3 or 4 and for others it might be 6 or 10)