We all dream, hope, and have expectations for ourselves and others. It is a good thing to have these three powerful ways to fantasize about a better life for yourself.

Some people have the natural ability to create dialogue and stories that are positive, this creates excitement in themselves and sometimes others as well.

When we as humans were first here on earth, there was no verbal language to communicate with. Showing up means being able to give yourself a human experience, feel and hear.

What if you prepared yourself beforehand and created multiple perceptions of how the experience would be? Letting go of the fixation on having something “One Way”. This is where judgment comes in.

All of us as humans have many goals, whether it be fitness, health, work, financial, relationship or other.  If the mood a human had aligned with the goal it would make it easier to get to that goal.

Words are very powerful things, they create the dialogue and stories we create in our minds about other people, situations and ourselves.


What do you spend your time on? Is it work, social media, Sleep or distracting, computing, procrastinating? We have all been in these positions before throughout life.

The unknown is all around us in life and what we make up in our own mind or choose to believe in our own mind can put us in fear, worry or any number of un-useful emotions.