Are you Capable?

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We as humans have all kinds of choices. Choices of the food you want to eat, what you wear, what you want to do for employment, what friends you want to have and so on. We also as humans have so many capabilities to do anything in life really. So why is it that we can talk ourselves in or out of the things? What if you believe so much that what you want is doable and you are capable of doing it and getting to your goal?


What if all you had to do is learn a few things, make a few mistakes and learn from your experience, then you were at your goal or outcome. What if you choose to believe you are capable and you were able to see, feel and hear that you were? Every time we have an experience we can not UN have the experience. So what if you focused on what experiences you needed to have to get to where you want to be. Build more capable skills for you and your goals.

For example, if you wanted to become a chef or a yoga instructor you would have to learn and do (experience). You would need to “DO” a lot. Have more and more experience of doing to be more and more capable. If looking at the total outcome brings you into overwhelm or is too much then break it down to become more capable in smaller chunks. Like for a chef, learn chopping skills or learn about food. For Yoga, learn your own body and how it moves through postures first. We all have to start somewhere.


The truth is that we have all built capabilities over our time here on earth, we had to to survive. Even the older generations have different capabilities then younger ones. Neither is better than the other, Just different!

We as humans should always be learning new things, it is good for our mind, body and spirit. So pick one thing that you want to be capable of doing. What would that be for you?

Here is the process

  1. Pick the one thing you want to be capable of doing.
  2. If you are one to distract, holding yourself accountable is very important. So be curious of how you can hold yourself accountable to have the experience multiple times? Maybe have a friend to join you or join a group.
  3. Notice…Just notice (Like being a fly on the wall) where you might be struggling and need extra guidance and where you are succeeding. It is important you see the success even if the success is that you are having a new experience.
  4. Proof – what would you have to see, feel and hear to know you are now capable of this new thing?