For every business out there leadership is important.  Not to state the obvious, but it is easier said than done.  For leadership development we focus on the below five elements.


To have the confidence to make decisions, and just to do what has to be done.  This is a true leader.  It is also a mood or energy within one’s self that is practiced and when practiced so much it is easy to shift into whenever needed.  Leadership is with a humble hand and to learn how to communicate on many levels to lead many people of all walks of life and have the confidence to do so, this is the skill taught.


Having a consideration of all points of view and out looks.  If a leader just sees things as black and white it is very un useful.  The richness in life and business is all in the grey areas.  Learn how to see all sides and angles, possabilities.  Lead people to curiosity, and through curiosity comes outcomes.


A leader needs great communication skills, to have more of an understanding of human behavior, you become a better communicator.  The biggest frustrations in corporations is communication, if a leader is not taking into consideration that we all communicate differently and is expecting everyone to understand them, this will not just magically happen.  Learning how people’s behaviors play off one another, the different variables and dynamics.


This means a No gossip zone.  Leaders can not be part of anyone’s else’s opinion.  TO be clean it means to be focused on there is no such thing as failure there is only feedback.  Focused on outcomes and not the dirtied by the details.  Curious of what feedback needs to happen to continue to go forward.


Having a bond and steady footing as a leader builds trust and better overall performance in the team.  As a leader, having concrete boundaries in place and being solid in self about guiding people through projects, processes and the tasks needed to be done is clear and concrete.

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