Special Events

Seva Yoga

with Jennifer Kelly & Tree Ryde

Join Jennifer Kelly & Tree Ryde for a ‘SEVA YOGA’ class at Business Growth Results on

Sunday, April 14th from 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Sunday, May 5th from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM


4373 Mainway, Burlington, ON L7L 5N9 
(The Keltour Building on the corner of Mainway and Corporate Drive.)


Seva is a principle in yoga which means to give back, so we want to give back to our local community. The yoga practice will be guided by Jennifer from (lotusloveyoga.ca), flowing through asanas(poses) to create a grounding feeling in the body, while remaining unattached to thoughts that arise.

Tree From (Business Growth Results and Burlington Hypnosis) will guide us through a relaxing and grounding Savasana to close our practice.

These classes will be via donation as we want to “Give Back” (Seva) to local people and services that do amazing things for humans and animals, the suggested donation is $15 to $35, what suites your budget. Payment will be taken on the day of this event via Cash, Credit or Debit. All Humans are welcome.

All money from these classes will be “Giving Back” by donating the money to the below charity/Causes.

  • The ‘Carlisle Creek Farm’ is our first charity, a beautiful farm sanctuary dedicated to animals; their website is www.carlislecreekfarm.com.
  • The second charity we have chosen is ‘Shifra Homes’ a maternity residence and shelter home in Burlington. Their website is www.shifrahomes.com.

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All packages are 100% customized to the business and industry.



Themes – Quietly quitting, solution based thinking, Resentment and lack of motivation, curiosity, accountability.

There are so many ways for people in business to miscommunicate.



Experience innovation. Employee experience strategist. As a human behavior expert Tree can quickly point out unuseful patterns and habits in teams and individuals. . .


Corporate Keynote Speaker

This is for businesses that are experiencing a specific theme that needs to be addressed in the business.

Something that is holding the business back from productivity.


Jennifer Kelly & Tree Ryde

for a ‘SEVA YOGA’ class at

Be sure to bring along a yoga mat, blankets, blocks and water bottle.
Anything that would make them comfortable is a great add