The small things matter

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Everything we do in our life is built up by the little things. We live in houses, but the houses were built one brick at a time. There was a foundation built and then there were tons of little things done to build the entire house. The flooring, electrical, plumbing, walls, and all of the even smaller details of a house. Everything we use, have and own has a process of it being made…and the small things add up to big things.

Think about a simple brush, it is made up of small little plastic molecules. There are bristles and the plastic tips on the end of the brisals. Then it has to get put together, packaged and shipped. Lots of small things to make a big business function and work.


In the world around us we see the big things: the towering buildings, the finished products in stores and even the food we buy had to be planted and grown somewhere. We can take these things for granted living in Canada, a country with prospects and opportunities. So when it comes to making changes in your life, be ok with breaking things down into smaller chunks so you can have a larger outcome for your health and wellbeing.

Like taking a special vitamin every day…a small thing but it keeps you healthy. Or going for a walk everyday…another small thing but over time it is a huge thing that keeps your heart and body functioning properly. Sleeping every night, eating the right food…all small things. If we make things a bigger deal then what it is, we could be sabotaging ourselves from the possibility of what could be. If we keep it small and know we are very able to do it, it will get done. We have all had the experience of starting something that seemed like a large project but then sooner than you know….it is done.

There is a story about a man in a village, and beside the village was a forest that set fire, burnt down and took away a lot of their food resources. So this man had to walk an hour to work and an hour back to support his family, as there was no food or work in the village after the fire. One day he decided that each time he walked to and from work he would plant a tree or a plant. So everyday he just planted one thing on the way to work and one on the way back. In just one year there were over 600 new vegetation growing, in 2 years over 1200 and by the third year animals were coming back to the new forest growing back. In 5 years the village was back to being sustainable for food with all of the new growth. This was all from doing one or two things a day.


What if you know that everything could be that easy, and that just as time goes by, you can choose to think about what you want to do or even better, just start doing…and what if because you just started to do, you got to your goals, you completed what you wanted to do. You end up in accomplishment more often and you are on the next project.

What if you fantasize more about the outcome and even fantasize about the finished project. And commit to doing one or two things a day just like the man in the village. What would your one year from now look and feel like and what would your 5 years look like…just by doing one or two things?

You would not even think about doing these things…you just did them. Maybe the people around you start new positive habits as well. Not only are you creating change in yourself you are creating positive contagious actions and outcomes.