Are you making enough Mistakes?

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All of us as humans, since we are born we have been making mistakes. This is the natural order of things. I am not sure how along the way that some people see mistakes as a bad thing or it is frowned upon. This is a HUGE misconception. Everything we do as humans was founded by making mistakes. This is how we learn, through our own mistakes and learning from the mistakes of others. We have to make mistakes to feel good about ourselves, laugh and these are also the best stories later, always. Which is a good and healthy way to look at it.

Imagine what the world would be like if we were all in the mood of curiosity when it came to learning in this way through mistakes. Curious about how someone else did something. And it was from an open high level point of view. No judgment, guilt or shame, only curiosity!


Mistakes can sometimes put people in fear. This happens when people can get into judgment of themselves. And because they get into judgment of themselves they think that all other humans are the same as them. It is not a conscious thing, it is a subconscious thing, especially when they see someone they love doing something that they had a bad or negative experience with. They do not want them to go through the same experience and will sometimes do anything to stop the person from making the same mistake. This behaviour is out of their experience that causes fear and this can cause huge problems in relationships.

We all do things so differently, think about the way you use your cell phone and apps on it. Every person that has a cell phone, the apps are positioned differently, on different swipes, pages and organized totally differently than the next person. This is the natural order….we all do things differently, we are all our unique shelves. To have the expectation that we will all experience the same thing the same way…that is an impossible task even if we tried. Another example would be someone telling you to try out a new restaurant and telling you about their amazing experience. And when you go you have a totally different experience….happens all the time.

This is the same with any other kind of experience or idea.


So the next time someone tells you that they are going to do this or that, be curious about it. Learn from this human in front of you. In the moments that someone is warning you about something, ask some of the following questions in curiosity to self and others.

  • How did that make you feel?
  • If you were to do it again what would you do differently?
  • What was good about the experience? (Some people can be too focused on just the negative so you can be getting miss information but when asked What’s good about it, you will find out)
  • What would you like to experience next?
  • What would be your dream job
  • What are you afraid of? What could potentially keep you up at night? This brings recognition of fear to the surface.
  • What piques curiosity in you?