Learning from people around you

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We all have people that we have met, or even just see walk by on the street or pass in the grocery store. We are constantly within arms reach of another human being. As we are so close we see how they live, look and interact with other people themselves. It is so common for us to compare ourselves to other people. When we compare, we have pictures in our minds of what our life would be like in the other person’s shoes. Sometimes it would seem like it was a better life and sometimes not so much. Sometimes we could get into judgment, or criticism. We could get into self judgment, or even become insecure.

When comparing ourselves to others is a positive thing…..

When we look outward at other people and compare it to our own life this can be a positive thing. This is how stars are created, motivation is grown, the fire to succeed or the urge to become more, no matter where you are in life, there is room for change. When we see a behavior, job, clothes, houses and anything else that resonates with you and you are now motivated to get it. And you take the actions to get what you want, even if it is to learn how to sing, dance or play a sport, or even get into shape. Just seeing someone in the shape that you want to be in can be enough of a motivator to get you to the gym everyday or take the actions and drop weight. Or to get the dream job that you always wanted.


Seeing other people where you want to be, sets the bar for what you want out of your own life. This is a huge motivator for people to do better and live the life they want to live.

We all want different things out of life and seeing other people succeed or doing what they want plants seeds in other people, essentially they motivate people without even knowing. This is a very positive thing, and it generates positive outcomes when a person looks at someone else and says to themself I want to change and be a better version of myself or I WANT TO DO THAT!!

When comparing yourself can turn into a negative……..

Some people will look at someone that is doing well and automatically default to judging them or themself. This is very self destructive and can cause stagnation in life. We are all here to learn from each other. If you allow yourself to go into this kind of headspace, no good will come of it.

This kind of manifestation of thought can lead to resentment and self destruction. Going down the road of self judgment is not healthy at all. It can start to cause stress, overwhelm, and even be the cause of bad relationships. Getting stuck in your head about what other people do with their life, or creating stories in your mind about what other people think about you is unhealthy for the mind, body and spirit.


How to get out of negative self comparison

We can all look at someone else and think that they have it all and their life is easy. Whatever having it all means to you? It could mean having a beautiful family, a nice fancy car, a beautiful smile or clothes. A dream job, being fit, or owning a large house. When looking at a person we all create a backstory about that person, depending on our own head space we will create a commercial/film in our mind based off of our own dreams and past experiences. Or we could allow the commercial/film to turn into a two hour movie of un-usefulness and a waste of time if it is all judgment based. It is up to you to decide if the movie turns into your motivation to make change in your life or you can choose to create your worst horror movie of self doubt in your mind. You are in control of your own mind.

It is your choice. The world is filled with millions and millions of people. There is no way to not see other people, or to have thoughts about the random people that you see, this is just the natural state of being human and how we operate. But what you need to do is begin to notice how seeing other people makes you feel, what thoughts you have about them and how they relate to where you are in the world yourself. And how you can leverage what you are taking in to get you where you want to be. Choose betterment for yourself. Choose to see ALL people as positive influences. Even if the positive influence is well, I am NOT doing it that way, and you are learning along the way. How can you better yourself, or are you content with how you are and where you are. Be happy for other people, and where they are at in life as well. We are all going through life and the journey that comes along with it..

When we FREE ourselves from judgment, self doubt and jealousy, we can look at the bigger picture. The one that allows you to be a mentor to motivate people just by your own motivation and accomplishments.

Or you can choose to stay in your head and cloud yourself from the beauty of the world around you and the endless potential within you. Choose to learn, grow, learn, grow, learn and grow some more. We are here to learn off of one another and have fun doing it!