What HAT are you Wearing?

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All day everyday we are wearing different hats. These hats represent the role we are playing in our life or someone else’s. Just to mention a few…we have a friend hat, worker hat, random person hat, mom/dad hat, son/daughter hat, sibling hat, spouse hat and more. Each of these are linked to a different mood, energy or feeling. When we are in any of these roles we interact in the world around us very differently from one moment to the next. Have you ever bumped into someone that you only know from work, then you see them in the general public and you do not recognize them? Or you are with your kids and bump into a friend from your partying days, there are mixed emotions. Feelings and memories. Like 2 worlds colliding in your mind.


What if you began to recognize what your predominant hats were? Are they working for you for all situations? Are you in an unusual hat for the situation at hand?
For example if you are in a mom/dad hat at work, you could be nurturing or disciplining where not needed. Or if you are in your friend hat and being too close where there really needs to be boundaries. Being more strategic on how you are interacting in the world around you will help you get to your goals faster and easier.

With having the right hat for the right situation it turns chaos into calm. There is this fluidness in life, rather than having emotions fire off where not needed.


How do you make sure you are wearing the right hat for the right situation.

  1. Make a list of the hats you wear down the left hand side of a piece of paper or page on your computer.
  2. Make a list of day to day situations that you encounter on the right hand side.
  3. Draw a line from the left hand side, hats, to the right hand side situations. Connecting what hat goes with what situation.
  4. Does it align with what you are doing? Could it be changed to have better outcomes?
  5. Can you create new hats for yourself for your day to day situations? Do you need to remove some?
  6. You can do this again but have people listed on the right side of the page. Are you wearing the correct hat for the relationship you want with that person, if not then you can change that as well.