What do you Believe?

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Do you believe you are in control of your own mind? Do you believe the earth is flat or round? Do you believe you are worth feeling good and able to get all that you want out of life? Do you believe that the grass is green and the sky is blue? (This would be a very different belief if you were color blind…) Our beliefs can change as our life circumstances change. If we all held on to old beliefs that we had when we were in high school it would be un-useful when making decisions as a grown adult.

Beliefs have to change first to allow your life to change, to see opportunities and to experience more out of life. If beliefs stay the same it is like living in a glass house and seeing everything around you change but you are keeping yourself stagnant. Some stand still or stay stagnant out of fear, comfort or their own internal judgment.


What if just by changing some old beliefs into new more useful beliefs could get you going, jumping into new opportunities and getting to your goals sooner. Many many people just do what they always did expecting a different outcome. This is the definition of insanity if you were to look it up. We can believe or perceive anything we like, especially living here in North America or Canada specifically. In some businesses or industries they take this concept too far and stretch the truth or try to force un-useful beliefs on other people. We have the power to believe what we want.

When it comes to just everyday living stuff, like keeping yourself healthy, some believe that eating low carbs is the way, or lots of exercise is the magic that works, or dressing a certain way is right or wrong etc…it is different for everyone. We have the opportunity to alter our beliefs to align with the outcomes you are looking for.


How to create a belief alignment system for yourself in 5 easy steps.

Step 1– Write down 3 to 5 of your top outcomes you want to achieve
Step 2 – Write down the fears (Old Beliefs) or the things that are holding you back from achieving these outcomes
Step 3 – Create new beliefs that align with your outcomes, goals and Dreams.
Step 4 – Add actions beside the new beliefs
Step 5 – Take action, add dates to each action. These are your benchmarks for achieving your goals. This will help you with accountability, staying focused and feeling the success along the way.