Are you Jumping in?

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When looking at new year resolutions or changes in one’s life, this is the time of year when we are all self reflecting. We make all of the plans, ideas, goals and dreams for the coming year. We dream about how it will be in our lives with these types of changes, maybe even plan it out, put together the path of how the change will happen or take place. At the idea phase there is lots of hope and excitement to the possibility of the success of the change.

But if it stays in just a thought, or it stays in just the plan process, it makes it hard to keep the excitement up, just like a dream you have at night you may not remember it in the morning unless you talk about it, make a note or write it down. So how do you keep the goals and dreams going to completion?


Why do so many people slowly forget or move on from new year goals? It is because they do not jump right in. When people overthink things, they begin to lose momentum or hop onto the next train with something shiny on it. If people jumped right in and just did what they plan to change then they are just doing it. They may tweak things along the way but they only learn what they need to tweak because they are experiencing the new activities in real time and can feel the change as they are redirecting the boat or path.

We can all talk to ourselves in our head but the real change is when you jump right in and have the experiences you need to get good at what you want to do or accomplish in your life. You look at some common new year resolution themes like weight loss, working out, drinking less, eating less, stopping old habits, starting new healthy habits, just to name a few. If you keep yourself in the PLAN process then you are not jumping in or doing anything.


The “Action” sections of these Friday emails are all about “Jumping In”. If you are not sure of what goals you want for yourself in the new year you can have a look at some past emails by “Clicking Here” to get some ideas or direction.

One of the key things about jumping in is to look at the “Possibility”, what’s good about it? What are the first, second and third steps to get started? It is good to write these things down…do it now…Jump right in and just do it right now……write down the steps needed

Then, write down what you will see, feel and hear when done each step….do that now…

You should have something that looks like the below….

Goal – Walk more – Feel healthier – See nature around me – Hear – nature

Step one – Have walking clothes where you need them to change easily – Feel confident about walking – See the clothes to remind me of my out come – Hear myself moving more

Step two – Pick 3 to 5 – 10 minute walking routes – Feel excited about walking – See the routes in my mind – Hear music or podcasts I will listen to

Step three – Get out and walk – Feel the fresh air in my lungs – See the beauty around me – Hear the breeze and music
Step four – Repeat 3 to 5 times a week – Feel myself getting healthier – See the way my body is changing because of my efforts – hear people commenting they notice a difference in me.