Communication and the Importance of it!

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What were we as humans like before we had language and speech?  We survived, lived, ate, and still communicated but just in a different way.  Now when we have multiple ways of communicating, email, text, social, it is almost worse…people communicate less…dare I say, on an one on one basis.  It was almost better when there were just symbols, actions and doing…it was less information to noodle the mind on…it was less complicated.

Also back then we as humans were forced to focus on outcomes of survival.  It is a great thing that we have all of the luxuries of today and with that we are all out of the wild, safe in homes, in a safe society and blessed to be there living in Canada even.  So in this safe place, the outcomes change.  The human body naturally craves stimulation and sometimes the mind can go off in an un-useful direction, cause the body to go into an emotional state and then cause lack of communication because of fear. 


When staying “Internal”, emotion and stress can build in the mind, AND where the mind goes the body follows.  An example of this is waking up in the middle of the night from a dream, and being in the emotion of the dialogue of the dream.  This is how powerful thought can control our emotions.  If we as humans stay “Internal” we lose all other types of communication, touch, smell, sound, sight and over all human connection.  Our human natural state is to connect and interact with one another.

Communication is key for everything in life, relationships, work, family, and just getting your needs met.  If you find yourself in conversations in your head, you are being “Internal”.  What if you gave yourself permission to communicate what your needs are?  What if you began to realize that all humans are worth being heard?  AND what if you practice communicating more, and the more you practice the more comfortable you are with it, the more external you become.  Then you have a choice.


Find your voice….

If you are more commonly “Internal” , practice being “External” with your voice by talking out loud when driving, sing, model a radio host or newscaster with voice and sound.  Get the body moving, dance, walk, watch comedy and laugh HARD, or find something that you enjoy doing that is “external” and do more of it.

Internal = stillness, lack of movement = emotional stillness, you can choose to stay here or experience something different and new to you.  All communication is new communication and new experiences.  

External = movement, Change = more experiences = (Less Fear)

Email me what you are doing to be more external to improve your communication.