Creating the Future you Want

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Many people through life circumstances can end up in a position that could be uncomfortable, stressful or frustrating.  Like taking care of an elderly parent, having an illness, enhancing your education and working full time, being a single parent, being in a toxic relationship to just name a few.  

There are many life circumstances that can cause people to be in a negative mind set or have the “Poor Me” attitude.  In fact all humans have the capability to create a negative circumstance in their own mind and live their life from that space.  But if all of us did this all of the time, it would make for very boring dinner party conversations.


Some people have the natural ability to create dialogue and stories that are positive, this creates excitement in themselves and sometimes others as well.  With this, even one positive thought, then adding action to it can create consistent movement and success through the mood and energy brought through that one thought.  

What if you knew that ALL humans can have this ability of a positive thought.  By creating the dialogue first in your mind of how you want your future to be, that alone is a positive thought.  What if you built on that thought and made it so big it took up more space in your thoughts then the old unuseful thoughts?

For example, if you are in a less than desired kitchen trying to bake a cake. You can focus on the not so nice kitchen or you can blast the music, get the ingredients out for the cake and start baking.  You might be surprised who shows up, what you attract and how many cakes you have the ability to make.  Keep space so you have room to surprise yourself with your amazing abilities.


1. Start with your one positive thought of “Creating the future you want” 

2. How can you build the narrative of this thought to grow the future you want?  For example, you see a picture of a cake that you want to make.  Then you will have to get the ingredients to make it.  Would you need  a pan or a mixer?  Or you might be surprised by what you already have.  You also know how to turn the oven on, it may seem like not a big deal…but it is, the oven needs to be on to bake the cake.

3. Celebrate your victories small and large.  The oven is on, GREAT!  But also remember to keep going. Celebrate with movement towards your next step and action.

4. Create place marks: What would you see, feel or hear when you have accomplished your first action towards your future?

5. What is your next positive thought and action step? Do it and have the experience!