Future Pacing YOUR Life

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We all dream, hope and have expectations for self and others.  If we just have these dreams in the mind or are just hoping or create lots of expectation with no action, disappointment will set in and perhaps a negative emotion can linger.  

It is a good thing to have these three powerful ways to fantasize about a better life for yourself. But this is just the first step to new adventures and experiences.  If you stop at step one you are missing out on your future and the experience of it all.


After you have your dream (outcome) there needs to be a plan put into place for your dream to become a reality.  What are the steps (actions) you need to be taking to make the dream come true?  If the dream is to lose weight or to be a business owner or find a partner, what are the first few steps (actions) to be taken?

You can write these down or future pace it in your mind.  See, Feel and hear what it would be like to go through the motions AND get to your desired outcome.


The next step is just doing it, have as much experience as you can going towards your dream (outcome).  Then because of all of the experiences of it you have, you are in your dream, living the life you want to live.

If you find yourself sliding back to step two, planning, get up and move your body.  Future pace more!  

In my experience I have seen people get stuck in the plan, sometimes for years and then get angry when they see someone else doing what they wanted to do.  You have so much opportunity, options and future in front of you.  How do you want it to be for you?  Start dreaming NOW and get the life you want.