How to create alignment in your life!

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How do you spend your Time, Energy and Finances?


What do you spend your time on?  Is it work, social media, Sleep or distracting, computing, procrastinating? 

What do you spend your energy on? Over thinking, pleasing or fixing things for other people? Looking after yourself? Worrying about what people think of you? Or being judged?  

What do you spend your finances on? Clothes, activities, spontaneous purchases? Personal growth? wealth?


What if these three things (Time, Energy, Finances) were balanced to align with your outcome in life? If one of these are not balanced with the rest we can run out of time, energy and money.  

We have all been in these positions before throughout life.  What if you had more of an awareness of what you were doing and refocused to create the balance needed to move forward and get to your outcome faster?


    1. Write down what you are spending your Time, Energy and Finances on right now.

    2. Write down where you see yourself in 3 to 5 years.  Relationship, finance, work and any other goals you  have for yourself.

   3. Be curious, what is it you should be spending more time, energy and finances on right now to achieve your 3 to 5 year self.

    4. Create a plan based on the above and take action to make the plan happen.

Time goes by so fast, never hold off what you can do now for later, this never works.  Then you are holding off and holding off.  What if you did the above 4 steps once a month?  As you begin to get to your goals, new goals should be added.  

Us as humans continue to grow, learn and adjust to the world around us.  This happens naturally but if we do not have our goals in place we become just a product of our surrounding