How To Get Out Of Internal Judgment

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Be curious not judgmental by Walt Whitman 


Take a minute and try this on, by just even reading the words “Curious”………….how does it make you feel and “Judgmental” ………take a minute and check do they each make you feel?  Words are very powerful things, they create the dialogue and stories we create in our minds about other people, situations and ourselves.  What if us as humans could have a default mode to Curiosity?  When making up these stories?


What if you began to realize that when in judgment the feeling in the human body is almost like a depletion of energy.  And what if you begin to realize that when in a curious state of mind the feeling in the human body builds energy and momentum. 

The only reason we as humans have the ability to judge it is to see if we are in danger or not, and in a safe (for the most part) society here in Canada we are safe.  So this self protection mechanism we have as humans comes out in sometimes funky ways that are unuseful.


What can you be more curious about that you start in judgment?

What stories in your mind do you constantly go back to that cause you stress?  How could you turn it into curiosity?

What are two amazing things you have done via being curious?  Vacation, adventure, something out of the ordinary?