Human Energy and the Holidays!

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We have all had the experience of being somewhere and feeling the energy of the room shift, for good or for not so good. Around the holiday season when we are having more family gatherings or connecting with more friends, this can get amplified in huge ways. Where there are people there is energy. Our entire body is energy, the cities we live in have energy and the earth we all call home is energy. All is moving in unison 24/7. But when you look at one individual human you see the human, can you get a sense of the energy of that human or are you in judgment of them and/or their behaviour.


What if we all became more aware of us as humans in this way of energy? What if we took away looks, job titles, past knowledge of the person, wealth and popularity. What if that was all removed and all that was left was human energy in your presence. How would you respond differently to the humans around you? How would you respond to the situation or behaviours? It would be a very different interaction indeed. You are coming at it from a more grounded perspective. And what if because you are coming at it from a more grounded perspective, you had better communication, fun, you laughed more, you were less stressed and were more at peace and interactive. Which is, what the holidays are all about in the first place!


To be able to choose the energy you want the room or gathering to be in, choose it. ALL in the room might not come along but if you have more than 50% then there is a shift of energy in the direction you want to spend your time in.

Here are some ways you can change your energy and the energy in the room you are in. Or even changing the energy or mood when speaking with someone that has a different energy than you.

  • Change the energy in the room with Music, games, jokes, funny stories
  • Change your energy, stay hydrated, get rest, the right nutrition, wear clothing that make you feel good and comfortable
  • Stay grounded by doing things that make you happy, feel good and stay in a calm and relaxed mood prior to a gathering.
  • Stay connected to you and YOUR energy. Recognize what your energy feels like for you and be conscious about tapping into it multiple times, specially when surrounded by other humans and their energy.


There are hundreds of examples I can give for all of the above. If you would like some, email me and I can send you a list or some guidance to create the path YOU need to stay in your energy over the holidays.