Private Wellness Retreat

Lets keep it real, we are all human, and when it comes to wellness it means something different to us all. Being a human behavior expert, (See other qualifications in bio) we offer a wellness program or retreat that is unique to you and your needs for your outcome.

It is important for each individual to have a clear desired outcome, and this personal wellness program is designed for them. Some people like to change together in a group and seem to like to go on their own personal journey. If you like to do it on your own, this option is for you.

If you look at all of the options on our Wellness retreat all of these options will be for you in the comfort of your own home or you can come to the clinic or via Zoom. Life is about flexibility and these programs are flexible for your needs.

Are you tired of just running around and around in circles, wanting to achieve a goal for you for health, wealth, love, business or anything else your desire. What if just learning more about how to communicate with yourself could change the way you are interacting in your world…what do you have to lose but old habits that are not working for you?


All packages are 100% customized to the business and industry.



Themes – Quietly quitting, solution based thinking, Resentment and lack of motivation, curiosity, accountability.

There are so many ways for people in business to miscommunicate.



Experience innovation. Employee experience strategist. As a human behavior expert Tree can quickly point out unuseful patterns and habits in teams and individuals. . .


Corporate Keynote Speaker

This is for businesses that are experiencing a specific theme that needs to be addressed in the business.

Something that is holding the business back from productivity.