Showing UP for YOUR Success

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When us as humans were first here on earth, there was no verbal language to communicate with.  We did everything with our senses, touch, feel and going with our gut feeling.  This is why in tribes they trusted the people that had better intuition (Senses).  Fast forward to 2022, technology, working from home, less actual human interaction.  This is creating many social, business and personal relationship disconnects.  There is now a common tendency of going internal first when our true natural state is to go external first. 


If we are all being more internal as a society, this will continue to create more internal stress and overwhelm, in turn a poor quality of life.  Humans are meant to have human experiences.  Just like birds should have bird experiences, flying, eating worms and being free.  There was a documentary about birds, showcasing them just “Knowing” what direction to fly for safety.  They would go miles and miles in one direction and it was never the same year to year.  They avoided hurricanes, tsunamis and more by just knowing what direction danger was NOT.  All from an intuition or sense.  If we as humans stay internal we will lose this miraculous tool that we have as well. 


The ACTION is…Experience and Learn then Repeat. 

So what if you made a conscious choice to Show UP and go external 30% to 50% of your time.  What if this meant that you went into the office one more day a week to be around people, walked more or did anything to just move your physical body in ANY way.  What if you started a sport you want to learn more about?   

What if because you Showed UP you were less stressed?  What if you were able to experience something new everyday, even if “new” was similar but the same.  

What if at a gathering you chose to speak to the eldest person there, ask them what it was like for them growing up. Allow your ears to hear something different, to see something different in your mind and feel something different in your body.

How can you be curious about your own body and how you can move it?  This is external.

Showing up means being able to give yourself a human experience, feel, see and hear.  If all that you are hearing and experiencing is in your own mind, you are just creating a show in your mind, it is not real.