The importance of FUN

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What is it that you consider to be fun?  Laughing, joking around, dancing, singing, playing a sport, working out or doing a hobby.  What if you could add FUN into all that you do?  Would it make your life more interesting or easy? Would you get more done? Would it be harder for you to procrastinate if you were having fun at the same time as you were following your goals, outcomes and dreams?


If you think about your favorite comedian, many of their jokes are based on their own human experiences and there is a funny spin on it.  What if all of us as humans learnt to “ReFrame” how we view our world around us just like our favorite comedians.  What if we all looked at each day as an adventure? Knowing that within all adventures anything can happen, that is the beautiful mystery of it.  And this is life….anything can happen.  

We have all experienced days going sideways, or unexpected surprises, bad news, running late, stuck in traffic and there are 1000’s of adventurous things that can interrupt our day to make it not go as smoothly as we want it to go.

Notice as your day is going by, do you sort things in your life by similarities (what is the same) or do you sort things in your life by distinction (What is contrast).  Similarities, you are looking for comforts, your group, belonging, looking for things to be the same.  Distinction, you are looking at what is wrong, does this fit into your rules, you could potentially get into excuses and distract.


Notice how you are sorting things in your mind, remember there is no right or wrong here it is just you being curious about how you interact in the world around you.  This is important when it comes to FUN and being able to laugh at yourself and others in a heartfelt way with no judgment, embarrassment, or fear.  We are all just humans having human experiences AND we are the funniest creatures on earth.  The things we do and the rules we have on ourselves as individuals can be hilarious.  

Whenever a situation in life is in front of you, ask yourself “What is good about it?” If you focus on what is good about it, you are not focused on un-useful dialogue in your mind.  The more you ask yourself “What is good about it?” the easier it is to do what you need to do and keep movement in your actions.  It will also allow you to laugh about it and find the humor in human behaviour.  Your Human behaviour.

Why not have as much FUN as you can while you are here having your human experiences?  

Email me back and let me know what you laughed at today?