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There is so much value in doing new things, having new human experiences.  There is proof, when doing new things, it can help build confidence, bring new thoughts and ideas to the mind and even create new bonds with the people that you are having the experience with.

If one is reluctant to try new things, or change in general, there will be a lot of discomfort in their life.  One of the key things of being human is change.  Our bodies change, the people around us change even the society and space we inhabit changes.

The more us as humans veer away from the inevitable the more disappointment or heightened emotional state we will be in.  Think of it this way, if you are at the top of a slide, afraid to venture down, you are there just watching many people have the experience of riding down the slide, maybe some people coming back up and doing it again or going down other slides, experiencing different slides of all heights, colors and so on.  Just watching or thinking about other people having an experience is not the same as having an experience.


So what if you knew you were safe to go down that one slide and because you went down the one slide you were confident to try others?  And what if you went on to other things like a seesaw, or swing.  And because you allow yourself to be open, meet new people on the same path, interact more with the experience and have more freedom in your life, you will have a more fulfilled life.  

What if because you opened yourself up to more experiences you forgot about the fear that was there in the first place?  

We have all met people that are in fear of many things and have not experienced very much in their life.  They are sometimes shy or do not have much to say or they could tell stories about what they want to do but never get around to doing it.

We also have met people that have done many many things in life and have all kinds of stories about their own experiences on many things.  These people just jump right into any situation in front of them.  It really is just a choice!


What experience are you holding yourself back from?  The promotion, the big trip, dating and finding your deep human connection or even just getting out to start jogging or walking in your own neighbourhood.  What if you focus on the end result?  Below are ideas to move through getting more experiences under your belt!

    1. What experience are you afraid of?

    2. What is the first step to get closer to the experience? If it is dating, go out on 10 dates, by the 7th dating experience it is no big deal.  Only from experiences will you learn what you like or do not like.