Truth and Perception

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All of the information we take in around us, we delete, distort or deflect.  We all as humans create many perceptions in our minds everyday.  Then we will have an experience, the perception changes.  These two things are never the same and they can create funky emotions when we find out how different they are.

The view on a situation from your filters (Perception)….an example is you going to a restaurant and thinking in your mind how the experience will be.  Then you go in order, have your meal, take it all in and have the experience. It could be better or worse than you thought it would be in your mind.  

Funky behavior or emotions fires off when the TRUTH does not align with the PERCEPTION.


What if you prepared yourself beforehand and created multiple perceptions of how the experience would be.  Letting go of the fixation of having something “One Way”.  This is where judgment comes in…if you are just going through your life thinking things will be how you see it in your mind you are living in disappointment ALL THE TIME.

If you are flexible and ok with change and being curious about other options and ways to view the world around you, you are more likely to have fun, experience more things and out of disappointment.


Pick something that you could potentially be procrastinating on or have some sort of judgment or rules about

Pick two new ways of how you could look at the situation.

Example…. Person A is upset that person B did not reach out to them in a while.  

Person A’s original perception is that Person B is mad at them and is in judgment or over thinking about what they did to deserve this lack of attention.

Person A’s 1st new perception is that Person B could be really busy with life and working hard on their career or family dynamics..

Person A’s 2nd new perception is what if they reached out to Person B instead to communicate and get their needs met.

This would mean that a person’s perception would have to change and action be taken.  When action is taken you move into having the experience = TRUTH.