What are you Looking at?

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Is what you are looking at make you feel good? With the things you seek out around you, are you looking at what is wrong with it or what you admire or find good about it? What are you looking for in your life? Or are you just going along with what is going on around you? Do you wait to be invited to a party or do you create the party?

When you look at yourself, do you focus on your frustrations or what you like? Where there is light …there is dark and you can choose what you look at, the light, the dark or be curious about all of the shades in between. BUT, what makes you feel good? This is the external look.


We are very fortunate living in a country that gives us many opportunities and freedom. Because of the freedom sometimes we can create so much fear in our mind about various topics and talk ourselves in or out of things. This is the internal look! Whatever script you are playing in your mind, that is what you are looking at. Sometimes seeing too many options can be overwhelming. Too many ice cream flavors, some people have too many clothing options and are frustrated every morning. Not a great way to start the day. What if you gave yourself just 2 options of what you want to look at and started there. This saves tons of time.

You can choose to stay in fear or you can go out and have an experience that makes you feel good. You can stay stressed out in your mind or you can physically move your body…looking at something different. You can stay angry or you can find something to be grateful for or fall in love with something. There are always things to love and ALWAYS choices.


Growing up as a kid we always had posters up on the wall…these were things or people that inspired us. Every time we looked at the walls in our room we were inspired with hopes and dreams. Now the new posters on the wall are social media. What are you looking at that inspires you?


You need to have the exterior things simple and pleasant. Write down 3 to 5 of the exterior things you look at most. See what they are. And then what could you change or add or remove. One exterior thing is you want to be outside having something to do with nature. Also something to do with people, LIVE people not online. Both of these things are something that all humans need every day.


This can also be a scent, what scent makes you stop and take an extra breath in? What memories can you bring to the surface that you want more of? Write down the top 3 things that can keep you up at night in your mind. Then create a new list of things that would be more useful for you to spend your mental thoughts on. Like planning your next vacation, what are your favorite things about the people you love and love you.
Ask yourself…What is good about it? Find the good.

Whatever you See, Feel or hear…this is where you are heading. Choose your future, the future you want.