YOUR Human Check In

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Your human health is so important, you are the only YOU….you have.  Sometimes we can get so caught up with all that is around us in life and forget about this human body we are within.  It is very important that we all check in with self and make the time to do so.  Otherwise you are just riding this train of life and not getting off to smell the roses or to have the human experiences that you are supposed to have forYOU.  If you are running around pleasing and fixing other people or sitting around just thinking about what you want to do or just caught up in your head in some way you are on that train.  The other saying that comes to mind is “Live your life, do not let your life live you”  not sure if it is a quote from someone but it does fit this topic.  


What in your mind can keep you up at night? Does it have to do with your future (Worry), other people (Guilt), Self (Judgment), or health (worry).  Most of the time we do not have control over these things.  We do not have control over the future, we can do things to go in the direction we want to go in but the rest is leaving it up to the universe or unknown.  We can not control the people’s behaviours around us, nor would we want to. We are all responsible for ourselves.  Self…we are born who we are but it is a choice to look down at self or look forward to what you want.  Looking up is the better option, also it is where most are looking. The thoughts of self are just thoughts and nothing else, they do not exist anywhere else.


Health..this is a huge unknown, we are here to have human experiences and there is no manual about how or how long we are here for.  So while you feel goot, do all that you can.  See, feel and hear all that brings a smile to your face or laughter. 


Let’s do a check in…

How is your physical health? What is one thing you can do everyday to better it?

  • Drink more water
  • Eat less
  • Walk more
  • Sleep better
  • Maybe you have something more specific for you and your body?
How is your spiritual health? What is one thing you can do everyday to check in, feel grounded, be more comfortable with the unknown and maybe feel lighter.
  • Learn a breathing technique
  • Be in nature
  • Join a group that has the same beliefs as you
  • Lay on the ground and listen to something that brings you joy.
  • Make a list of things you like about being human.
How is your nutritional health? What is one thing you can change to nourish yourself a bit better?

  • Begin to notice what foods your body does not like? What if you eliminated it out of your food intake?
  • What foods bring your body energy?
  • What vitamins could you take to help your future health?
  • What foods could you eat to help your skin, teeth, eyes, bones or muscles?
  • What can you put in your body or stop putting in your body to make your 3, 5 or 10 years from now self be happier and healthier.

What if you did a check in like this once a week or once a month? Took action on it and checked in the following week/month and so would your life change?

Email me back and let me know what you are finding out about yourself and what actions you are taking.