Human Energy and the Holidays!

We have all had the experience of being somewhere and feeling the energy of the room shift, for good or for not so good.

What are you Looking at?

Is what you are looking at make you feel good? Whatever you See, Feel or hear, this is where you are heading. Choose your future, the future you want.

Are you Jumping in?

We make all of the plans, ideas, goals and dreams for the coming year. At the idea phase there is lots of hope and excitement to the possibility of the success of the change.

The Value of New Experiences

There is so much value in doing new things, having new human experiences. There is proof when doing new things, it can help build confidence.

Guilt and Shame Decoded

Guilt, are the rules that you create in your own mind, how you believe the world is or should be.

Missing Out

When us as humans miss out on something, it puts us in what could reflect a grieving process of emotion. The way we interact can change our state of mind.

The Importance of FUN

What is it that you consider to be fun? It will also allow you to laugh about it and find the humor in human behaviour.